I can recommend CableChick,  Australia’s biggest name in home theatre cables and audio accessories.

They specialise in quality analogue & digital cabling products and accessories for audio and visual equipment.

They stock just about everything for the home entertainment room and professional home theatre systems!

Check out the Cable Chick Connector Reference Chart - Very Useful!

This exhaustive and comprehensive table of plugs and sockets has been designed to help you find our what you have or discover what you need across their entire range of cables and accessories.

They have include important information regarding what each type of connector is used for, what makes it special, and where you're likely to find one around the home. If you find the type of cable you're after, you can click the name in the header tab (the green bit) and jump straight to that category to see what they have available.

Not all cables are available in all lengths, and plug measurements are there to help you distinguish between similar looking connectors.

Click on the banner to go to their online store and have a browse.

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